Representation for Alimony in Utah

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a court-ordered payment made from one spouse to another after a divorce. The purpose of alimony is to provide financial support to the receiving spouse and help them maintain a similar standard of living as during the marriage.

Types of Alimony in Utah

There are three main types of alimony in Utah: temporary, rehabilitative, and longer-timing alimony:
Temporary Alimony
Temporary alimony is a type of alimony that is paid during the divorce proceedings, and is designed to provide financial support to one spouse while the divorce is being finalized.
Rehabilitative Alimony
Rehabilitative alimony is a type of alimony that is designed to provide support to a spouse while they receive education or training to become self-sufficient. This type of alimony is often awarded for a set period of time and is intended to help the recipient spouse become financially independent.
Longer-Timing Alimony
Alimony may be paid for longer amounts of time, but it cannot exceed the length of the marriage. For example, if you were married for 16 years, you can only get (or be required to pay) alimony for 16 years. Utah Code 30-3-5(11)(e) points out some extenuating circumstances where this timeframe may be extended, but this, along with permanent alimony, is very rare.

Factors Considered in Alimony Determinations

When determining alimony, the court considers a number of factors, including:
The length of the marriage
The age, health, and earning potential of both spouses
The standard of living established during the marriage
The financial resources of each spouse
The financial needs of each spouse
The contributions made by each spouse to the marriage
The assets and debts of each spouse
Alimony Agreement and Modification
Alimony in Utah can be agreed upon by the spouses before the divorce is finalized, or it can be ordered by the court. In either case, the terms of the alimony agreement can be modified in the future if there is a significant change in circumstances for either spouse.
Alimony is an important aspect of divorce proceedings. There are different types of alimony that depend on several factors that the court considers when determining alimony payments. If you are seeking a divorce in Utah and have questions about alimony, Lone Peak Law can help guide you and provide the necessary information you need.
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